LinkedIn Has A Lot Of Potential For Business Growth

LinkedIn, as a part of the best business practices, strongly recommends adding three videos and two images with videos less than 3 minutes. You must think of sharing a brand video for people who are usually unfamiliar with your business and product demo and customer testimonial videos to those who know your brand and wish to explore the products you offer. But before sharing, you must ensure to add captions for viewers who may have been watching with the sound muted.

To decide which images are better suited for a product page, select such images that showcase your product. If you deal in software products, you should ideally select images from your dashboard or app home screen.

Feature Important Customers That Use Your Product

You can add as many as 21 customers who have used your product to your LinkedIn product page. To do this, LinkedIn assumes “customers” like organizations and businesses. Here, you can’t add individual profiles, and the customer must also have an existing LinkedIn company page.

If you deal with a lot of industries and business of varying sizes, add a mix of customers that reflect your target audience and scope. But before doing that ensure to have permission from customers just before adding them to your spotlight section.

Therefore ,if your company page has been added as a featured customer of another product page, you can request to remove it through LinkedIn Help.

Give Your LinkedIn Product Page for Review

After you finish the required fields, you must submit your product page for review by LinkedIn. This process can take as much as 2 weeks.

And once your page gets approved, a Products tab will be added to your company page.

If you possess more than one product page, LinkedIn users who visit your company page will see an alphabetical list of products that are available with a short write-up of each one on the Products tab.

How to Contest Customer Reviews on a LinkedIn Product Page?

If you are a product page owner or admin, you can easily contest customer reviews on your LinkedIn page. There are three categories of comments and LinkedIn usually will respond in the following ways:

Slander/libel – So, if someone makes false allegations about your employees. LinkedIn will immediately delete those comments.

Provably false – For instance, if a customer suggests your product doesn’t work in a particular region, when actually, it does. This will be deleted too.

Biased/sponsored – Here, if someone reports a comment because they think the reviewer is being paid for. Now LinkedIn won’t reasonably or consistently identify comments that fall into this category, and therefore avoid taking any action.

LinkedIn users can also report a particular review by clicking the three dots at the right-hand side of a review and by selecting, “Report This Review.”


One of the ways to create a successful LinkedIn product page will be by encouraging your customers to leave reviews and by following your product hashtag. LinkedIn suggests making product reviews a priority once you’ve set up your page. Among social media channels, there is also an upcoming channel called Connectd India that has leveraged this feature quite efficiently.

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