5 Best flowers for hanging baskets

If you love flowers and would like your garden to be immensely flooded with beautiful flowers you can bring a large variety of flowers in your garden so that your garden gets filled with different shades of vibrant blooms. If you are worried about having no space in your garden since it is small you can surely go ahead with placing the flowers in hanging pots for baskets. 

Using hanging baskets in the garden is a nice way of decorating the garden with hanging plants. The baskets attract a variety of butterflies, and hummingbirds into the garden. Thus, you can also use these baskets for your photoshoots as they will create a nice background or a prop to be used in your photos. Spring has already rolled in thus making it perfect for you to order flowers online and bring them into your garden. If you are starting from scratch and have no clue about what flowers to get for the hanging baskets you may refer to the list below for choosing some of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers for your garden. 


Heart-shaped petals of pansy are perfect for adding a touch of vibrancy to your garden. Growing pansies ensure an all-year-round supply of flowers in the garden. They can thrive well in both winter and spring gardens because pansies are blessed with amazing adaptive abilities, as they can withstand the frost as well. You can get a pansy from a nearby plant nursery and know more about its plant care. 


The colorful blossoms of Petunia are known to add joy wherever they go. These vibrant blooms are perfect to add a pop of colors to your garden. They love to be placed in the sun and are very easy to maintain. All that they need is regular watering and genuine care. The abundant blooms of petunia are famous for their rapid growth. Adding fertilizer to the soil is effective for plant care. 

Sun Rose

If you live in a place that experiences a hot and dry climate you shall choose the portulaca or the sun rose for your hanging basket. Petals of the flowers are very small and grow across various bright shades that will add beauty to your garden. You may resort to frequent trimming so that the basket does not get burdened with the flowers. As evident from the name the sun roses love to be placed in the Sun. They are also called the moss rose. 


The low-maintenance blooms of geraniums are perfect for a hanging basket. Growing across an array of various colors. Geranium can fit any space. All that they need is well-drained soil, moderate sunlight, and frequent watering. However, over-irrigation may invite several plant diseases. You can place it indoors or outdoors as the plant care for geraniums is very basic. You can find these flower delivery in gurgaon online very easily. 


You can add an interesting aspect to your garden by bringing the waxy blooms of begonia. Adding these flowers into your garden will ensure a lifelong supply of flowers because begonias grow throughout the year. One thing that must be taken care of while growing begonias is that they require moist soil, but they should not be excessively wet. Begonias thrive well under the sun. 

Few things that must be taken care of in regard to the basket :

  • Make sure that you choose a good quality basket that is strong enough to handle the soil, and flowers, and can also last long. 
  • You must use a basket that is capable of filtering the excess water outside otherwise the water will remain trapped inside the basket. Thus, leading to waterlogging inside, which will lead to the plant being dead. 
  • You must tie your basket strongly. Make sure that you use strong ropes or string so that the basket does not fall off from its place. 

You can get these flowers through a simple online flower delivery in delhi that will deliver the flowers to your doorstep so that you do not face any sort of inconvenience while shopping for the flowers. You can hang the baskets in your living room or lobby so that the beauty of flowers spreads in the entire house. 

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