How can you troubleshoot HP Printer Driver Error Code 1627

HP is a popular brand for printer devices. It offers large varieties of printer devices for home and business use. For using the printer with your PC,you have to use the printer driver on the system. The HP printer driver is a connection bridge that transfers the commands of your PC to the printer. But some people reported that they are getting HP printer driver error code 1627 while installing the driver or running the printer. The error code on your printer driver can appear due to various causes.

Common causes behind HP printer driver 1627 error code:

  1. You are installing an incompatible HP printer driver
  2. The registry files are causing the error
  3. Windows temp files or junk starts conflicting
  4. Malware has corrupted your printer driver
  5. Internet connection is not stable
  6. Your OS is outdated
  7. System files get corrupted and start interrupting the driver

Troubleshooting HP printer driver 1627 error code:

Check your internet connection

When your printer driver is not installing and showing the error code then you should check the internet. The driver error during installation can appear when the network is weak. On the browser, check whether the page is loading or not. When the net connection is weak then wait for some time. When the internet connection gets stable, go to the printer driver and reinstall it.

Check the compatibility

If you are getting the driver error code 1627 while installing then check for compatibility. HP printer driver is available for various platforms. But you can only install the setup which is for your device. You can’t install the HP printer driver for Mac on your Windows device. Sometimes, users mistakenly install the wrong driver setup on the device and get into error. Check the printer driver, if you are installing an incompatible driver then delete the HP folder from your device. Uninstall the corrupted HP printer driver and restart the device. Now go to the HP site and search for a compatible HP printer driver. Install the HP printer driver on the device and now you can easily communicate with your printer.

Update the HP Printer driver 

If you are getting error code 1627 and HP Printer not responding then you should check for the driver update. The driver starts showing an error is running outdated. Update your HP printer driver regularly. Go to the HP printer driver and check for any new updates. If you see the update then immediately install it. After installing the update, restart the system for applying it and then try to take a printout from your HP printer.

Repair your printer driver

The printer driver error appears when some of the driver files get corrupted. Users need to fix the files for running the driver. Go to the printer driver folder and check for the corrupted files. If you find any corrupt file then repair it. If you can’t repair the driver file manually then you can use the driver repair tool. Driver repair tools are available on the internet; Search and download it on your device. Run the tool on your system and it will repair all the corrupted drivers on your device. In case, you can’t find the driver repair tool for your device then you have to reinstall the printer driver. Uninstall the corrupted HP printer driver from your system. Now go to the HP website and reinstall the driver on your system.

Clean the registry files

Sometimes the printer driver can show issues when driver registry files get into error. When the HP printer driver shows you the error code, you should check the related registry files. You can use the regedit for opening the registry editor. Open the editor and now check for the HP printer driver related registry files. Select all the corrupted registry files and then remove them from the editor. Now close the registry editor and give a print command to your HP device. Now check whether the HP printer driver related error code gets resolved or not.

Update the OS

The error on your HP printer driver can appear when the user’s system is running on an outdated system. Users must update the system timely. When the driver shows you an error code, check for the system’s update. If the update is available then you should install it on your system. Install the operating system to the latest version and then check for the printer driver error.

Inspect your system files

HP printer drivers can get into errors when some of the system files are showing issues. When your driver shows the error, you should inspect the system files on your device. If you see any corrupted files then repair them. Users can run the system file checker tool for fixing the files. The sfc/scannow is an inbuilt tool of Windows to fix the files. Run the tool on your system and it will fix all your corrupted files. After fixing the system files, run your printing and check for the error.

Scan your computer

If the error on your HP printer driver is occurring due to viruses then scan the device. Use antivirus and scan the whole device for viruses and other malware. Antivirus will delete all the dangerous threats from your system. Now restart your device and check for the HP printer driver 1627 error code.

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