9 Trends for Social Media Sports Marketing

Social media is an effective tool for reaching a wide audience with over 3.6 billion users now and an expected growth to 4.5 billion by 2025. If used more effective social media in sports marketing will have huge benefits to your brand. It also means a stronger ability for your business to reach a targeted audience.

Philadelphia, the home of many sports personalities and teams featuring regularly in four major league sports. This offers a unique opportunity for sports social media marketing. But what exactly is sports marketing, and how is sports marketing done via social media?

Crafting and using sports or fitness-related content to promote your business or brand is sports marketing in a nutshell. Sports marketing utilizes the sports world’s star power in marketing thus, boosting sales. It includes products endorsed by athletes and much more. It also encompasses wellness and fitness brands, sports teams and franchises.

However, you need to keep up with trending strategies to make the most of this opportunity to connect with fans and customers. We will cover 9 trends in this article that contribute to social media sports marketing thereby updating ourselves with the latest trends.

  • Real-time posting

With every passing year, sports viewers are increasing and turning to platforms like ESPN+, Hulu, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime etc. to stream their favourite sports. Social media apps like Twitter and Facebook are partnering with sports organizations to open even more convenient ways to watch sports. This means sports fans are tuned in to social media, and you can grab their attention by keeping up with real-time updates and content.

  1. Live-tweeting: This is a popular way for teams, athletes, broadcasters and fans to engage more effectively with the ongoing game. Even fans unable to watch the game live can follow along with the updates on Twitter. Many sports organizations are effectively using this to run a live feed of the broadcasted game.
  2. Instagram stories: Instagram and Facebook live are also two great platforms for providing updates on big games. Both these apps are great places to engage with fans by sharing buzzworthy clips and video feeds.

To make the most out of real-time updates remember,

  • Provide content for the events beyond the live games like press conferences, weigh-ins, drafts and much more.
  • Create unique and catchy hashtags and encourage fans to participate.
  • Increase engagement by involving them in Q&A’s, polls, giveaways etc through your stories.
  • Create behind-the-scenes stories

Create content that the audience wants to see. The fans never grow tired of story style content from their favourite athletes behind the scenes. These stories generate a lot of engagement and let the audience connect with their favourite sports persons using social media. Depending on your brand’s nature you can use stories too,

  • Behind-the-scenes action of your team.
  • Following a fan favourite athlete in their daily routine.
  • A sneak peek at content shoots, new products and more.
  • Reposting content from fans or other athletes.

Audiences like to see their favourite stars going about their daily life like their morning workout to their protein shake offering endless possibilities.

  • Do something for the community

Doing for the community goes a long way back for athletes however, highlighting the doings using social media is an excellent way to keep the audience updated with the good deeds being done by you or your athletes. Serving those in need and telling the people what is being done can be done effectively using social media apps.

Also, broadcasting charity on social media is not signalling virtue, it is a call to action for the audience and other athletes. It’s a great way for the audience to connect with your brand’s values.

  • Inclusion of athletes in your next campaign

Snagging on an athlete for the next campaign is a sure way to attract sports fans. Promotions and sponsorships on social media are an efficient way to build your brand using the star power of sports.

  • Join the craze of e-sports

Competitive video gaming has attracted sports and video games fans alike and many companies have invested in sponsorships out of its growing popularity. These games attract sponsorships and can be designed to use live feeds, real-time coverage and other relevant content.

  • Value women’s sports

Women’s sports are already enjoying a rise in popularity with many famous personalities having millions of followers on social media accounts. Many brands are already using sportswomen in their feeds regularly.

  • Use memes

Social media can be fun and hilarious. Using humour to connect with your audience gives a good feeling that comes with being a member of a community. Using trending memes and highlighting your sense of humour can help you go viral and gain attention from the audience.

  • Align with a cause

Align yourself with social justice causes as major sports organizations and teams have done. The NBA has been very vocal about its support of Black Lives Matter. These statements can be polarizing however knowing when to engage can help you connect well to the audience.

  • Highlight authenticity

The increasing trend toward authenticity in social media sports marketing has led to viewers wanting to hear more from athletes, see more content and connect with their favourite players.

More than 50% of sports fans use their mobile or handheld devices to check and be updated via social media while watching a sporting event. Using social media as a part of your sports marketing strategy is an effective way to instantly connect with potential and existing customers alike. An average user spends up to about 2 hours per day on social media and that number is increasing constantly. Now is the time to make social media work potently for you as it is a fast-moving vehicle and none better to do so than sports social media marketing.

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