The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a whole different world exists inside it. There is a long list of things that have to be stored in a kitchen, including the eateries, gadgets & appliances, utensils, and cutlery. Cabinets play a significant role in organizing the kitchen’s storage space, and they can either improve or ruin your kitchen’s looks. 

Do you think your kitchen is low on storage space and want to increase your kitchen’s storage? The interior design Dubai companies have some fantastic ideas on how to design cabinets and improve kitchen storage. Here, we have collected some of their ideas. 


When designing the kitchen cabinets, make sure that the cabinets are not too large. Instead, make full use of the vertical space available in the kitchen and build the cabinets up to the ceiling. The more the cabinets, the more space. Put those utensils, gadgets, and appliances in less use in the upper cabinets to save the precious lower cabinet’s space.


The small space left in the corner of the cabinets will work ideally for a pull-out shelf. Make the best use of the minimum space by installing a sliding pull-out shelf. These pull-out shelves work best as spice jars holders or a small pantry. You can also install the pull-out shelf inside a cabinet, and it will be the perfect space to place your big pots and pans. Now you can pull the shelf out and grab your favorite pot without a hitch.


Appliances such as microwave oven, water dispenser, toaster, and coffee maker take a lot of kitchen space and make it look cluttered. Interior design Dubai companies suggest you have built-in appliances to increase storage and make your kitchen look modern.


Set up an elegant wooden shelf as an overhead of the kitchen window (if you have one). A vertical open shelf will give you extra space, and you can flaunt your beautiful plates and utensils as a showpiece. Attach a hook-rack on the bottom of the shelf and hang small pans and pots on it. So from now on, you don’t have to search for a suitable frying pan every time.


If you have enough big kitchen, then don’t hesitate to add an island to it. An island’s addition will increase the storage space and give a classy look to the kitchen. Get an island with a fitted stove and a ton of cabinets and drawers. Furthermore, add a few stools or chairs on the outer side of the island.


Are you still short on storage space even after having an adequate amount of storage space in the kitchen? Disorganized items inside the cabinets must be the only reason behind it. Here are some easy kitchen organization tips to add some extra space to the kitchen.

  • ADD BASKETS: Get two baskets in your kitchen, one for vegetables and one for fruits. Fruit and vegetable baskets will save shelf space and make the kitchen neat.
  • HOOKS: Attach some hooks on the bottom of the cabinets to hang cups and coffee mugs. Or a moveable/rotating mug holder will prove to be the best hassle-free solution.
  • CUTLERY DRAWER: Reserve a drawer to store the cutlery and cooking utensils. Separate the cutlery and cooking utensils in the drawer with a help of a cutlery divider so you don’t have to hunt for the right item.
  • CUTTING BOARD: When buying a cutting board, don’t forget to get the measurement of your sink. Buy a cutting board that is slightly larger than your sink so that you can cut & chop your vegies by placing your board over the sink. This will help you save space on the shelves.
  • MAGNETIC STRIP: Paste a magnetic strip on the wall near the stove to hang the knives. Putting knives in a drawer or cabinet can be dangerous, and a magnetic strip will be the best troubleshooter.


Try saving as much space as you can in the kitchen to make it spacious and breathable. Design your kitchen and cabinets according to the above-mentioned exceptional ideas and smoothly increase storage of the kitchen. Home Renovation Dubai companies will undoubtedly help you renovate and remodel your home kitchen. 

Happy kitchen,

Happy home!

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